Author and musician Mack Holland was born in the Carolinas but has lived in Augusta, Ga. since 1988. He has sang and been a follower of music since childhood. Singing in neighborhood groups and also singing in the school chorus, Mack eventually started penning Poetry and Songs as a teenager. He has a catalog in the Library of Congress. In 2011 after writing the song, I Ain't Got No Money Honey, he was encouraged to start recording his songs by an A@R representative. From that point he has enjoyed his hobby of not only musical inspiration and fantasy but also a writer of books of knowledge and inspiration. Visit any bookstore or Amazon for his book "Sweet Inspiration." Please enjoy his music. From Love music to Inspirational music to Holiday music, the Mack Holland sound caters to all generes. From the upbeat inspirational song "Are You Ready For Your Blessing" to the fantasizing "All In My Mind" you will surely enjoy. And during this Christmas season enjoy his ballad "This Christmas(for you)." Take a listen and enjoy the music of Mack Holland.




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